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Tools for Sims 2 Fan Artists

Utilities from the Creator of SimPE

Click to download the Setup file for the Colour Options Enabler CEP - Colour Options Enabler

This file from the creators of SimPE makes recolors of Sims 2 objects available in your game. With the kind permission of its creators, Numenor and RGiles, we are making it available to you on our server.

This is a free download. If you don't have a SimsHost account, you need to create one before you can download these files from our server, but you don't have to put any money in your account.

Many of the recolored objects available for The Sims 2 from the sites hosted by SimsHost require that you install the CEP for the recolors to show up in your game, so you do want this.

Click here to download the CEP Setup utility
Version 1.3
Updated to version 1.3 on 7 Feb 2005

Read about the CEP on the SimPE site
(Not a SimsHost site.)

SimPE - Simple Package Editor

If you play The Sims 2 or make things for it, you want SimPE. It's free and it's available from

SimPE was written by Quaxi. You can ask him questions about it in the SimPE Forum at Hullabaloo. (Please note that as of today (7 Feb 2005) we have not yet integrated the Hullabaloo user database with the SimsHost user database, so you'll need to create an account at Hullabaloo. Not to worry; Hullabaloo is free.)

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