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Although Maxis tells us that Makin' Magic is the last expansion pack they plan to release for The Sims, we expect that the original version of The Sims will be popular for a long time to come and many of the artists and webmasters we host are as committed as we are to bringing you the best of The Sims at the lowest possible subscription cost.

We thought you would like to know that many of the artists on sites hosted by SimsHost are also eagerly preparing to bring you even more wonderful things for The Sims 2 when it is released by Maxis this summer.

The Sims

SimsHost will continue to provide hosting for all these sites, with material for both the original The Sims and The Sims 2. We are also happy to host sites devoted entirely to either version of the game.

Your one low-cost subscription to SimsHost gives you access to all of the dozens of sites we host!

Watch this site for more information about The Sims 2. In the mean time, please visit the many wonderful sites on SimsHost for the largest selection in the world of downloads for the original version of The Sims!

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