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All the great illustrated stories for The Sims 2 are in the Sims 2: Stories forum at the SimsHost Hullabaloo. The links below will take you directly to the major episodes of the Tales of Happy Valley and associated stories in the Hullabaloo.

Threads in Tales of Happy Valley

Chapter 1: The Franks Family
Chapter 2: The Bennett Family
   Chapter 5: The Bennetts' Personalities
Sidebar: DMA Sims Workers and Hookers
Tutorial: How to Change Appearance with SimPE
Chapter 6: Another Baby Bomb Goes Off
Chapter 7: A Visit to the Broadleaf Sextuplets
Chapter 8: How to Win Friends and Influence Cows
   The Cow Revealed!
Chapter 9: Manse Orleans, the Collegiate Edition
Chapter 11: The Allardice Girls
Chapter 14: The Tragic Tale of Jason Allardice
Chapter 15: It's a Boy! Barry Bennett
Chapter 16: Giles Edward Bennett
Chapter 20: Frieda
Chapter 25: Barry's First Bottle
Chapter 28: Of School and She
Chapter 29: Hymnus Angelicus (Gloria)
Chapter 32: The Bennetts Go To College
Chapter 34: Manse Collegium
Chapter 35: Maintaining the Family Tree
Chapter 36: Private Quarters
Chapter 39: Transportation Strike
Chapter 40: Honey, We Have A Problem
Chapter 41: Barry's Dilemma
Chapter 46: The Nanny
Chapter 48: Barry Meets His Grandparents
Chapter 50: Introducing the Schuylers
Chapter 53: Hitting The Books
Chapter 54: Barry and the Baybraces
Chapter 57: Caught Again!
Chapter 60: Fantastic Fledgling
Chapter 61: Strategic Planning
Chapter 62: A Day That Will Live in Infancy
Chapter 63: The Graduates
Chapter 68: Return to the Manse, Triumphant
Chapter 70: Mysterious Scotsman
Chapter 72: The World According to She
Chapter 76: Last Act of Tyranny
Appendix: A Psi is Just a Psi
Chapter 77: Transitions
Chapter 79: Overqualified for Everything
Chapter 80: Barius Vobiscum
Inset: A Theme Song for Happy Valley
Chapter 81: Brain Food
Chapter 84: Roundup at the Franks Ranch
Chapter 88: Steamy Showers
Chapter 89: Pancakes and Power Politics
Chapter 90: The Case of the Inobservant Hero
Chapter 91: A Voice From the Past (Monica)
Chapter 97: Great Expectations
Chapter 98: Oogenesis of a Statesman
Chapter 99: Shebacize!
Chapter 100: Alcedonia Domesticus
Chapter 101: Gilbert
Chapter 103: Move to the Manse
Chapter 109: The Longest Journey...
Chapter 110: Conner Forsythe
Chapter 111: Doing What Children Do
Chapter 112: Another Hero
Chapter 113: Family Council
Chapter 117: Expanding Their Territory
Chapter 118: Sisters Forever
Chapter 122: Rejuve!
Chapter 128: The Vigil
Chapter 131: Catching Up With the Collegiates
Chapter 133: The Gilbert Committee
Chapter 137: Gilbert at the Big U
Chapter 138: Teens and Toddlers and Tiny Tikes
Chapter 139: Maids on Campus
Chapter 140: Sunrise, Sunset...
Chapter 141: The New Collegians
Chapter 142: For the Love of Zeke (Evangeline)
Chapter 154: Queen of All She Surveys
Chapter 155: Evangelical Dawn
Chapter 156: Grampa Oatha
Chapter 157: Cally's Conundrum
Chapter 159: Six Score and Ten
Chapter 160: Whatever Became of Baby Barry?
Chapter 165: Kicking Them Out of the Nest
Chapter 166: A Tale of Two Houses
Chapter 167: Amarilla Does Sheik Omar
Chapter 168: Monica in Motion
Chapter 169: Again, Family Council
Chapter 170: One for the Money! Two for the Show!
Chapter 173: Gilbert's Story
Chapter 174: Great Great-Grandparents
Chapter 175: Busybodies
Chapter 179: Roissy
Chapter 181: Passion and the Pool Table
Chapter 182: Aaron's Advance
Chapter 183: The Feel of Your T.U.C.H.
Chapter 196: Suburban Sprawl
Chapter 200: New Family in the Old World
Chapter 205: Ripples From The Bomb
Chapter 212: Again, Dangerous Compulsions
Chapter 222: Boveena Bridge
Other Stories About People and Places in Happy Valley

The Bomb That Wiped Out Happy Valley
Gregsim in My Sim - Myself
Sim has a job but her ride doesn't show up in Sims 2 Bugs & Patches
Narcissa (Brenda's Mother)
Ghost Stories
The Llama and The Cow
The Aardvarkians

Links to Topics with Downloads

Topics with Downloads from Happy Valley
My Favorite House
  Download: Manse Orleans
  Also the Invasion of the Hookers story
223 N Franks Ranch Road
  Download: Toddulaunga House
215 S Happy Valley Road
  Download: Stewart House
  Download: Kilimanjaro House
Manse Collegium
  Download: Manse Collegium
The Houstonian
  Download: The Houstonian (House)
Goddard Engineering Building
  Download: Campus Building
  Download: House
Sheba Steps Out
  Download: She
Greg Goes Adventuring
  Download: Greg

Topics with Downloads from Other Adventures
The Thing in the Attic
  Download: The House of Too Many Gables
More About Basements
  Download: 16 Stripes Measuring Wall
Graviton Test Facility
  Download: Unusual Home
Stonewood Cottage
  Download: House
2x2 Empty Lot
  Download: Very Small Empty Lot

Clothing and Skin Tones
Better Living Through Chocolate
  Download: Crop Top
Fun With Tan Lines
  Download: Tanned Skin Tone
The Return of Tan Lines
  Download: Another Tanned Skin Tone
Wilhemina's Sexy Top Collection
  Download: Women's Tops
Wilhemina's Blue Blouse and Capris
  Download: Women's Everyday Outfit
Inga's Knit Shorts
  Download: Tan Knit Shorts
Inga's Pink Shorts
  Download: Women's Shorts (Bottoms)
Inga's Civ II Crop Top
  Download: Women's Top and Matching Shorts
Inga's Topless Swimsuit Collection
  Download: Women's Topless Swimsuits
Bast's Bikini
  Download: Women's Swimsuit

Topics with downloads should have the symbol in the message subject.