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The Testing Cheats

Command: allmenus on

This version of the Testing Cheats makes all possible menus for an object appear, whether they make sense or not. It requires that you edit the configuration file before you start the game.

You need to edit this file (after you've made a backup copy of it):

Program Files\EA Games\[Expansion Pack]\TSData\Res\Config\GlobalProps.xml
Add this line to GlobalProps.xml:
<AnyBoolean key="testingCheatsEnabled" type="0xcba908e1">true</AnyBoolean>

"[Expansion Pack]" means to insert the name of the latest expansion pack you have installed.

Warning: This will cause the Testing Cheats to be on 100% of the time. You will not be able to turn off the Testing Cheats from within the game even if you enter "boolprop testingcheatsenabled false".

Once you've edited GlobalProps.xml, start up your game. Then from a cheat window, enter "allmenus on". You can turn this off with "allmenus off".

One Example of the Allmenus Cheat

For example, here are all the possible interactions between Andrea Hogan and her daughter Sophie Miguel.* Many of these actions don't make sense. In general, if you selection some that doesn't make sense the game just exits from the interaction without doing anything. Sometimes you get an error message.

Menu Options 1
The Sims 2, allmenus cheat

Don't get your hopes up. Andrea cannot change teenage Sophie's diaper. She also can't do any of the other baby interactions.

Menu Options 2
The Sims 2, allmenus cheat

The menus include things that would normally be inappropriate in this situation; and again, things that don't make sense. Sophie is not delivering anything so Andrea cannot accept a delivery from her.

Menu Options 3
The Sims 2, allmenus cheat

Darn, you can't snuggle your teenage daughter, either.

Menu Options 4
The Sims 2, allmenus cheat

Haven't there been times in real life when you wished you had an option to teach your teenager to talk?

Menu Options 5
The Sims 2, allmenus cheat

We'll have to try that "Collect Child" option some time when Andrea and Sophie are visiting a neighbor's house. That would be a nice real-life option for teens!

Menu Options 6
The Sims 2, allmenus cheat

Talk to the teenager's baby? Oh, I hope not!

Menu Options 7
The Sims 2, allmenus cheat

The aspiration-failure animations such as "Romance Sponge Mop Lover" do work.

Menu Options 8
The Sims 2, allmenus cheat

Menu Options 9
The Sims 2, allmenus cheat

Menu Options 10
The Sims 2, allmenus cheat

We haven't tried getting an adult to streak in the neighborhood. That could be interesting!

Each menu presents so incredibly many options that you will want to have "allmenus off" during most of game play. Otherwise you will spend all your time just flipping through menus to find the interaction that you're looking for.

*Of course Andrea Hogan is not Sophie Miguel's mother in your game. She is in our game because we used SimPE to edit their relationship. You can learn to do that in the SimPE Family Ties Tutorial in the Hullabaloo.