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Relationships in The Sims 2

Boy Loses Girl

From the screen shots it looks like our sims will have creative new ways to mess up their relationships, presenting a much richer simulation of real-life behavior.

The Sims 2 Screen Shot

In the screen shot above, Nerdy Norman is losing relationship points fast! Here we have Amorous Amy looking all cute and adorable, bedecked in her undies and ready to cuddle. We can see what she is thinking from the little icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. She even has candles lit!

So what does Norman do? He sits at his really cool computer playing a game! Get a clue, Norman, before it's too late! Amy might wait for a while, but she doesn't want to live her life as a computer widow!

Take heart, Amy; it could be worse! Just down the block, Hopeful Hanna is an even worse situation and losing hope with Slobbovian Sam!

The Sims 2 Screen Shot

Nerdy Norman might be a bit inattentive, but at least he's tidy and relatively wealthy. Will Hanna be able to cure Sam of his slovenly ways? Would a thong help? How about taking a sledge hammer to the video game console? Will she seek comfort outside the home? Will she give up on guys completely and move in with Amy? Only game play will tell!

We won't know until the game is released whether the interaction we see in these screen shots is as complex as it appears, but from everything Maxis has told us the sims will be much more aware of each other and what others are doing than before. This will add a whole new dimension to game play, with the characters' interactions much more accurately representing what we would expect based on our real-life experience.

These new features might make the game more difficult to play depending on the degree of relationships points lost due to such a faux pas, and how strong the effect is on the sims' long-term relationship.

We want the best for our sims, but we also want an interesting game; and it looks like Maxis is gearing up to offer us a much more interesting game when it comes to boy-girl relationships!