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Giselle's Autonomous Amorous Adventures

In the Sims 2, the characters can do some surprising things! Here is the story of one of the most surprising relationship developments that has happened in my game.

This is Miss Giselle Testbed. I originally created her as a caretaker character when I wanted to try building a very odd house, so I didn't much care about her name.

And this is the house that Giselle built. Bizarre, no?

Then one day, Giselle met Carl Franks. On her own, she decided to become really close to her new friend. And suddenly Giselle became very interesting!

She always seemed happy to see him. Except for telling her to invite him over when she wanted to, I let her interact with him autonomously. Having a sim autonomously engage in amorous activities was suprising enough, but Carl's acceptance of it was downright shocking! He's a happily married family sim, with two children, and 100/100 relationship with his wife and kids.

Giselle is a Knowledge sim, but her primary interest seems to be knowledge of the carnal kind. Perhaps she misinterpreted her last name.

Oops! "So don't forget, folks! That's what you get, folks! For makin' whoopie!"

Giselle's romp with Carl wasn't exactly unproductive. Just ask her daughter, Brandy! Tragically, there was no way Giselle was going to get Carl to marry her.

At this point I for sure wanted to keep her in my game, but I did not want a family named Testbed walking around Happy Valley!

And so, I created Randolph Quincy, a very nice single Family sim. With a little encouragement from me, they fell in love and got married and even had kids of their own. Even then, though, Giselle seemed to have a one-track mind!

I wish that were the end of the story, but tragically, it's not. I made a mistake when Giselle got married to Randolph, and had her choose "Get Married" at the Wedding Arch. So Giselle's silly family name carried on despite my attempts to get rid of it!

Her poor daughters had to grow up and go to high school with that last name, but even that is not the end of the tragedy. Giselle's family were four of the more than 200 sims who were lost to The Bomb That Wiped Out Happy Valley. Perhaps it was the Wrath of Gawud coming down on Giselle and all her knew her, so to speak.

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